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Meet Ellen and Sudhira -The dynamic duo
Welcome to the heart and lens of EL&SU Portraits, where two worlds merge in a captivating dance of creativity. Let's unravel the stories of Ellen and Sue, the driving forces behind our shared vision.
United by their passion for storytelling through photography, Ellen and Sue form a dynamic duo. As mothers, they understand the importance of family and the significance of preserving those precious moments. Sue, navigating the joys and challenges of raising small children, and Ellen, embracing the dynamics of parenting teenagers, bring a wealth of understanding to the art of family photography. Their partnership, a fusion of Belgian sophistication and Nepali warmth, creates a synergy that resonates in every frame. EL&SU Portraits is more than a studio; it's an invitation to witness the convergence of diverse perspectives, resulting in portraits that capture not just moments but the unique stories etched in the hearts of Ellen and Sue. Join us on this visual journey where the stories of Ellen and Sue come together to create portraits that speak to the universal beauty of life.


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